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Full year figures for Spanish Ports confirm good 2018

The full year 2018 results for Spanish ports are generally favourable. According to data published by Puertos de Estado, a total of 550.7 million t were moved in 2018, 3.5% more than in 2017.


In the period under review, the volume of goods in international transit rose by 7.9% to 148.1 million t. If that tonnage is discounted, the ports handled a total of 402.6 million t, 2% more than in 2017.


The three ports with the highest throughput were Algeciras with 102.5 million t (+6.4%), Valencia with 76.4 million t (+4.3%) and Barcelona with 66 million t (+9.9%). Together they accounted for 44.5% of all merchandise flowing through Spanish ports in 2018.


The general cargo sector noted the strongest growth as the sector’s volumes surged by 6% to 267.5 million t. 85.1% of the breakbulk passed through six ports: Barcelona (+13%), the Balearic Islands (+6.8%), Valencia (+6.2%), Algeciras (+5.5%) and Bilbao (+4.8%). Only Las Palmas noted a drop of 1.3%. (kd)




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