• Photo: Port of Gothenburg

29.05.2024 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 49778

Future car terminal operator sought

The Gothenburg Port Authority has begun the process to find a new operator for its car terminal, as the current contract with Logent Ports and Terminals expires in 2026. Logent has managed the terminal since 2011, during which vehicle handling at the port increased by nearly 100,000 units, or about 60%. In 2023 alone, vehicle volumes rose by 14%.


The port authority credits Logent’s competitive offerings for its status as Sweden’s largest car port. With the upcoming contract, which could be worth approximately EUR 10 million annually, the port authority is looking for operators interested in a seven-year term or longer, depending on investment levels.


The new operator must handle vehicle loading and unloading, provide pre-delivery inspection (PDI) services, and manage larger project cargo and high & heavy goods. The port authority seeks to partner with a capable operator to further develop and increase its market share, which currently stands at 36% of Sweden’s vehicle market. (pb)




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