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Geodis takes next step in USA

Geodis also sees great potential in the e-commerce trade. With its new digital platform, the France-headquartered company aims to enable US retailers to deliver goods such as fashion items, health and personal care products and other merchandise directly to consumers.


The point of delivery is the closest retail store, the time span is a few hours. This service is made possible by a combined delivery network of traditional carriers and private individuals.


Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of Geodis, spoke of the need of “our own technology, which utilises already existing resources and helps to relieve congestion in urban centres."


Incorporated into this digital platform is a driver mobile application called Geodis Zipline which closely monitors all deliveries via a centralised web application, supporting both clients and drivers with real time data, for the dedicated use within its partners’ network and for individuals providing the local delivery services.


In 2019, Geodis had a workforce of over 41,000 people worldwide and generated EUR 8.2 billion in sales. (sh)




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