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Global air cargo bridge spans the Bosporus

Turkish Cargo increased its global market share to 5.4% from 3.9% by generating a growth of 67% within the first half of 2020 thanks to the additional special cargo operations it performed on its dedicated global air bridge.


Turkish Cargo is the first air cargo brand to hold all of the three certificates issued by Iata, namely the "CEIV Pharma", "CEIV Fesh" and "CEIV Live Animal". Its facilities at the Istanbul (ISL) and Ataturk (IST) airports cover a total area of 3,500 sqm and guarantee high standards of protection in storage rooms with various ranges of temperature.


Between 1 February and 31 August 2020, Turkish Cargo carried 30,000 t of medicines and nearly 10,000 t of medical equipment, in particular from/to London, Dubai, Amsterdam and Maastricht. (ah)




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