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Global schedule performance drops in 2014

Analyst Seaintel said 2014 was a challenging year in terms of global liner performance. Many incidents around the world had a negative impact on schedule reliability.


The year started with a number of heavy winter storms on the US east coast and in the North Atlantic Ocean, which impacted port operations on the US east coast and delayed vessels to and from North Europe, respectively.


Over the summer, congestion was a big issue in the major hub ports in Northern Europe, leading to changes in some of the carriers’ services and the omission of some port calls.


However, the single incident that impacted carriers and shippers most was the heavy congestion in the Californian ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and large ports on the US northwest coast. This problem is still on-going.


Also, congestion in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Qingdao and a number of other major ports during the year had a negative impact on schedule reliability, and it is visible in the development throughout 2014 as global schedule reliability decreased by 7.6 percentage points year-on-year to an overall performance of 72.2%.




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