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Global schedule reliability on the rise

According to the analyst Seaintel global schedule reliability increased for the third consecutive month to 76% in November 2014 from 74.4% in the preceding month. This marks the highest performance recorded in 2014. Global schedule reliability in November is based on more than 10,800 vessel arrivals.


Data from Inttra shows that global container delivery in November remained nearly on a par with October, as it improved by 0.1 percentage point to 61.3%. However, if compared to the schedule reliability recorded in November 2013, the performance went down nearly 5 percentage points. Every month of 2014 was below the 2013 level, an unsatisfactory development for both shippers and carriers.


Last November Maersk Line, Hamburg Süd and CSAV were the most reliable carriers with a schedule reliability of 86.4%, 84.8% and 83.4%, respectively. This is the third consecutive month that the three lines proved to be the most reliable, and the order remained the same. Seaintel said that PIL, HMM and Evergreen were at the other end of the scale, with a schedule reliability of 69.8%, 70.9% and 72%, respectively.