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Green Switch in Latvia

New service for transporting semitrailers by rail. Trucking companies transport almost 60 million t of freight per year on roads in Latvia. Over the last five years, this freight volume increased by over 25%.

In order to relieve Latvia's road network from semitrailer traffic, and provide all cargo owners and freight forwarders with the opportunity to use more efficient and advantageous freight transport services, the country's railway operator, Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDZ), is launching a new offer called Green Switch.

It offers the possibility to shift unaccompanied semitrailers from the roads to the railway, which will carry the freight to the designated Latvian port terminal in Liepaja or Ventspils. There the semitrailers will be loaded onto a Stena Line ferry for onforwarding to Germany or the Scandinavian countries. (ben)




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