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"Greening" the world's fleet

Maritime consultancy Clarksons Research has published a report on the adoption of 'green' technology in the world’s merchant fleet. According to this data, currently 4.2% of the operating fleet and 34% of the order book in tonnage (GT) is ready to use alternative fuels or propulsion.


These figures include 546 units of the order book (29.7% of the total tonnage) also projected to be able to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel; 95 units (2.5%) prepared for liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and another 200 units (1.8% of the total tonnage in GT) propelled by other fuels or alternative energies.


Among the latter, 150 ships will use hybrid propulsion or batteries, 22 methanol, 10 ethane and 3 hydrogen. About 244 ships from the operational fleet and 95 from the order book can be counted as LNG ready (ready to adopt LNG as fuel in the future).


24 ammonia ready ships and another five hydrogen ready ships are also on order. Exhaust gas scrubbers are installed on board 4,541 operational vessels (23.9% of the total fleet in GT). (sh)




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