• Renault Trucks finalised a series of deals in Switzerland recently.

14.07.2020 By: Marco Wölfli

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Growing fleets for many players

Several Swiss transport firms have extended their fleets with models made by Renault Trucks. The lorries can be deployed in a multitude of tasks – as witnessed by their cargos of delicacies, general cargo or concrete.


Commercial vehicle manufacturer ­Renault Trucks is particularly dominant in its domestic market in France, where it sold no less than 24,621 units – more than in all of the rest of Europe combined. Renault Trucks has a strong presence in Switzerland too, especially in the west of the country, thanks to its geographic proximity.



Manoeuvrable in narrow lanes too

Now the firm FS Trading Frozen Seafood, from Villars-Sainte-Croix, in the ­western Swiss canton of Vaud, has also bought two new Renault Trucks distribution vehicles. The D12 4x2 reefer models are optimal for the enterprise, which delivers products to food retailers. The units’ compact size allows them to successfully manoeuvre their way through town ­centres such as Lausanne’s, with its narrow city streets. “We’ve reduced the dimensions ofour lorries slightly. Big units that aren’t filled full up don’t really make much sense to us,” says managing director Julien Corboz.



Thrifty in Schaffhausen

Another forwarder, A3 Transporte ­Pllana, from the northeastern city of Schaffhau­sen, is also going lightly. The contracted Rhenus Logistics partner added a Renault Trucks D10 240 4x2 unit to its fleet recent­ly. The tractor-trailer unit weighs 12 t and will help owner Enis Pllana cut his distance- related heavy vehicle fees as well as his fuel costs. Pllana said that “Renault Trucks’ proven reliability and track record were amongst the factors that influenced my decision.”


The firm Creabeton, from Rickenbach (canton Lucerne), specialises in heavy freight on robust lorries. The building materials company now has a new T520 P6x2 TAG that can carry 32 t in its fleet. The Renault Trucks tractor-trailer combination is used for groupage services, transporting concrete between the enterprise’s various production plants.