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Haulier continues to expand its fleet

The Russia-based FTL-trucking company Globaltruck has invested further in its fleet. The average number of operated trucks in H1/2019 grew by 187 units or 15.9% year-on-year to 1,360 units. The total distance covered by trucks in 2018 increased by 21.9% to 128.6 million km.


The average freight rate (revenue) per loaded km in H1/2019 rose by 0.9% to RUB 33.9 (EUR 0.46). The average number of operated long-haul trucks in Q2 2019 improved by 34.8% compared to Q1/2019 and reached 93 units. In Q2/2019, the average monthly distance per truck on the cargo pipeline amounted to 23,200 km with a loaded run ratio of 95.8%, the haulier reported. (ben)




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