• A White Paper issued by the NCB in the USA.


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How to avoid container incidents?

A new White Paper urges counter measures against the increasing number of container-related incidents caused by poorly stowed, undeclared or misdeclared dangerous cargoes.


The National Cargo Bureau (NCB) – a US inspection body authorised to certify compliance with dangerous goods regulations – reports that a recent inspection initiative revealed an alarming number of containers carried by sea include misdeclared dangerous cargoes that represent a serious safety risk to crew, vessel and the environment.


The inspection also showed that 55% of containers were non-compliant with 43% failing to secure dangerous goods correctly within the container itself. Approximately 6.5% of containers carrying dangerous cargoes had been misdeclared.


It has been reported that, on average, a containership suffers a major fire every 60 days. However, in 2019 there were nine major containership fires reported suggesting that the frequency of incidents is increasing. (mw)




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