• Photo: Hutchison Ports Duisburg

15.09.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

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Hutchison Ports: four decades in Duisburg

Hutchison Ports Duisburg is marking its 40th anniversary, transforming from DeCeTe Duisburg into a full-fledged trimodal inland terminal. Strategically located in Germany's Ruhr region, it connects to major seaports through rail and waterways, bolstering efficient freight movement.


With its own transport services, Hutchison Ports Europe Intermodal links Rotterdam and Antwerp to inland destinations. Situated on the Rhine, the terminal boasts extensive infrastructure, offering seamless connectivity to over 70 European rail destinations.


Roland Pütz, managing director, says he is looking forward to a successful future for the terminal as a pivotal hub in freight networks. (pb)




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