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Hydrogen is the new drug

In cooperation with exporting countries from all over the world and with the help of the cluster of companies located at the port, the Dutch port of Rotterdam claims that it will be able to supply Northwest Europe with 4.6 million t of hydrogen annually by 2030.


This amount is based on a number of specific projects and plans, which companies and exporting countries are now working on. Within the context of RE Power EU, a fourfold increase is envisioned in the production and import of hydrogen compared to the ‘Fit for 55’ package (from 5.6 million t to 20 million t).


However, the following preconditions must be met to get the project underway: the partners must obtain hydrogen certification and formulate strategies to close the financial gap between the use of renewable and low carbon hydrogen and its derivatives compared to their current CO2-emitting alternatives. (sh)




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