• Photo: Bilbao Port

17.11.2023 By: Patricia Büeler

Artikel Nummer: 47384

Hydrogen path: EU ports unite

The Port of Bilbao, Duisport, and the Port of Amsterdam have partnered to create a renewable hydrogen corridor connecting Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany.


The initiative, aligning with EU ambitions, leverages the Port of Amsterdam as a conduit to the German market, particularly the highly industrialised Rhine-Ruhr region. The collaboration will focus on production, demand identification, and logistics to ensure a secure hydrogen supply.


Signed by high-profile executives at the H2 Connecting Event and witnessed by dignitaries including the Dutch King and officials from Germany and the Netherlands, the MOU signifies a commitment to decarbonisation and to strengthening Europe’s supply chains for renewable energy.


A joint study agreement was also signed to explore the creation of a resilient hydrogen supply chain between Amsterdam and the Rhine-Ruhr region. (pb)




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