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IAG Cargo leading Europe's league of e-AWB airlines

Boasting a 34% penetration, IAG Cargo, the single business that evolved from the merger of British Airways World Cargo and Iberia Cargo, now leads European carriers when it comes to e-AWB penetration, and is fifth globally for volumes, as of January 2015.


According to the figures provided by the International Air Transport Association (Iata), IAG Cargo's e-AWB penetration ranks well above the industry average of 25%.


IAG Cargo has made e-AWB available in more than 160 stations globally, amounting to nearly 100% of its network where e-AWBs are legally recognised. As a result, the carrier now has multi- or bilateral agreements in place with more than 100 forwarders, and has completed data quality assessments on 2,400 branches.


In 2014 IAG Cargo also successfully rolled out the e-CSD across its global network, reaching more than 80% penetration (excluding MAD and LHR originating shipments) in one year.


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