• Rescue of a dummy out of the water. Photo: Imperial


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Imperial Logistics holds first ever safety week

Imperial Logistics has held its first ever safety week, as the latest element in its ongoing “safety takes us home” campaign, which seeks to raise safety awareness among the crews of its major barge operations in Europe and South America.


In Europe, a task force of fifteen Imperial Logistics senior managers and safety representatives visited around 75 of the company’s vessels on their voyages, giving “toolbox talks” on subjects such as working aloft, tank entry and “near miss reporting”. They also organised on-board fire training using portable fire trainers and person overboard training using dummies.


A safety week was also held on board Imperial’s South American pushboat fleet based in Paraguay. In addition to practical training in the use of fire extinguishers, courses were held in defensive driving. The teams were evaluated with regard to the implementation of safety ideas on board and the correct completion of monthly tasks. (mw)




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