• The protesters feel that the port authority doesn't acknowledge them.


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Inland navigation protests in Rotterdam

The company Dubbelman Container Transporten organised a peaceful protest under the motto ‘proud of inland navigation’ in the Dutch Maasvlakte terminal in Rotterdam last week. The main subject was the ongoing congestion problem in the port of Rotterdam.

In some terminals there are cases where barges are handled and cleared seven days after their confirmed registration. Dubbelman carried out what it called a small ‘congestion tour’, with several barge combinations, in order to draw attention to the problem. Support was provided, among others, by the Logistiek Intermodaal (Linc), inland terminal operators (Vito) and the Centraal Bureau voor de Rijn- en Binnenvaart (CBRB).

Although several market initiatives have been taken over the past two years, the underlying structural problems that put inland navigation at a disadvantage remain unresolved. (cd)


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