• IRU wants access for trucks between UK and the EU after Brexit. Photo: IRU


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IRU demands access for road transport after Brexit

The International Road Union (IRU) says customs and market access needs to top the Brexit agenda at European Parliament debate. The IRU message was delivered to the European Parliament during the public hearing on “Impact of Brexit on land transport”.


Daniel Kern, the IRU's senior manager trade policy affairs, said: “Our sector needs legal certainty and predictability. It should not be forgotten that our industry has many small and medium-sized businesses. Excessive bureaucracy, which might be the result of Brexit negotiations, would have a negative impact on the industry's efficiency and competitiveness”.


A smooth transition period is also essential. Businesses and authorities must be given sufficient time to adjust to the post-Brexit arrangements.

Kern added: “For a successful outcome of the Brexit negotiations, it is of utmost importance that road transport movements between the UK and the EU remain seamless. (mw)




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