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10.06.2024 By: Mantra Kumar

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Joining the French cold chain

H. Essers has acquired TFMO (Transports Frigorifiques des Monts d’Or), a Lyon-based transport provider. With 200 employees and a 152-strong fleet, TFMO focuses on the local healthcare and food markets.


With the takeover, H. Essers gains access to the company’s French network and enhances its own cold chain capacities. The move also potentially enables the addition of H. Essers’ own healthcare crossdock as well as an expansion of its less-than-truckload portfolio.


The acquisition follows H. Essers’ previous move in Italy, where it added Romano Trasporti to its family last year. “Our customers can also benefit from the added experience and capacity of this international logistics player,” says Franck Guerpillon, CEO of TFMO. (mk)




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