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K Line spreads its wings

K Line has decided to use the automated kite system “Seawing” for a bulk carrier owned by the company. “Seawing”, developed by Airseas, an Airbus spin-off, is mounted on the bow of the vessel and unfolded by a simple operation from the bridge under certain conditions of wind power and wind direction.


It assists the propulsion power of the vessel by utilising wind force. The system can greatly contribute to reducing the environmental load associated with the ship's operation. In some cases, the bulk carrier can cut emissions by more than 20%, about 5,200 tons of CO2 annually.


K Line said that it will continue to work on CSR activities to make its operations more eco-friendly and achieve the target of K Line’s environmental vision 2050" and the GHG reduction goals set by the IMO. (kd)




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