• The LBV in Singapore to be delivered soon.


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K Line to manage offshore LNG-Bunkering in Singapore

The ship management of the 7,500 cbm LNG-bunkering vessel (LBV) of Fuel LNG will be taken over by K Line. Fuel LNG, a joint venture between Keppel Offshore & Marine and Shell Eastern Petroleum, will own the vessel, operate and carry out all commercial operations.


The LBV is expected to commence the LNG-bunkering service in Singapore in the second week of 2020. This will be after delivery from Keppel Offshore & Marine’s shipyard, where the vessel is being built. The planned operation will be the first LNG bunker vessel providing ship-to-ship bunkering in Singapore.


In order for shipping companies to avoid emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) from ships, LNG as marine fuel is considered one of the alternatives to replace conventional heavy fuel oil because it emits less GHG and other air pollutants. (fd)



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