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12.02.2024 By: Christian Doepgen

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Keep both sides in view

The ways of a service provider; and the introduction of ‘Passar’. Joining a well-established company is always a bit of a challenge. Jochen Dahmer, the new COO of the Swiss software firm K&S Informatik, told Christian Doepgen about his move, and his plans and goals for the future.

Jochen Dahmer, why did you choose this company and this position?

K&S Informatik combines many years of experience with its profound expertise in several fields of the IT industry, including developing networks with lean management structures.

What would you say are your most valuable characteristics?

I know both sides of the sector. Professionally, I worked in development and in management positions in various software firms, including international players. And I grew up in Konstanz and Kreuzlingen, Germany and Switzerland, so spent my youth in both countries.

In which direction is the company moving?

We’ll continue to expand our two entities in Switzerland and Germany, on the basis of our 32-year tradition. Our main pillars – our integrated client / server software ‘LoggPro’ and IT consultancy – are our keys to success.

What does this mean in detail?

We’ll continue to develop ‘LoggPro’ for our clients, which will include full coverage of the introduction of the ‘Passar’ customs-clearance system in Switzerland. We’ll continue to offer our clients videos for roll-outs and transform their local structures into a cloud, in order to simplify all support operations.

What does your customer base look like?

It consists mainly of customs agents and forwarders. We don’t see any risk of customs specialists becoming superfluous, by the way. They’ll certainly stay in demand.

How will you expand K&S Informatik’s portfolio?

On the one hand we’re set to enhance our activities in the Swiss market and integrate Austria. We’re also evaluating countries such as France and Italy, in order to become more attractive for new clients. On the other hand we’re planning to set up an ‘executive’ IT team that will focus on developing products for our customers. This is how we can respond to small and medium-sized enterprises’ great need for flexibility.

What does that mean from a technical point of view?

On the basis of our software, clients can develop their individual superstructure with us. The systems can then be documented and prepared in such a way that customers are ever-ready for an audit.

What’s your motto?
Embrace the past and challenge the future!


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