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Kerry Logistics' online tool gives access to AEO status

Kerry Logistics is supporting customers to gain authorised economic operator (AEO) status, which gives access to customs benefits, including inland clearance of goods, rather than at the border, with an online tool. AEO accredited companies are subject to fewer physical inspections and document checks by customs, and have priority status in times of heightened security, or in case of a strike, or any other disturbance, with benefits extending to tax and value added tax (VAT) payments.


“As and when tariffs for EU trade are introduced, then having fast-tracked inward and outwards processing relief authority will be important to avoid duty payments,” said Emma Rowlands, strategic sales director, Kerry Logistics UK.


“AEO is now advocated by the world customs organisation, the EU and the UK as the standard route for access to customs benefits. These benefits could be vital in whatever customs arrangements develop out of Brexit.” (mw)




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