• CEO Peter Krummen (l.) and CFO Alain Meuwly. Photo: Krummen


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Krummen going lean and green

Krummen Kerzers is the Switzerland’s first-ever full logistics provider to receive the “Lean & Green” award. The company had to guarantee that it will cut its CO2 emissions by at least 20% over the next five years. The target will be achieved via an action plan that does not involve compensation measures.


Peter Krummen, Krummen Kerzers’ managing director, said: “We joined the Lean & Green initiative to make an active contribution to protecting the environment. Our decision to join was also based on economic factors. For example, when clients evaluate tenders, CO2 efficiency is weighted far more heavily today than it was a few years ago.”


The logistics provider is now investing in more efficient and eco-friendlier propulsion technologies to reduce its fuel consumption, and developing an automatic scheduling tool to optimise route planning.


In addition, Krummen Kerzers increasingly relies on active coaching for its drivers. To support this, the company has created the post of driver coach and acquired a driving simulator. (mw)


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