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Land transport ramps up results

Gebrüder Weiss (GW) generated net sales of EUR 1.67 billion in financial year 2018, 8.3% more than in FY 2017. The road transport sector once again proved to be the mainstay of the Austrian logistics company. The organic growth rate amounted to 7.5% in a competitive environment.


Given the favourable economic climate, demand remained buoyant, so GW said it had been important to master the challenges posed by a lack of drivers and cargo space, and the massive fluctuations in shipment. The service provider’s air and sea freight divisions registered an around 12% increase in sales.


A year after the realignment of the global network, the company continued to invest in the development of its locations in Asia, the USA and Germany in 2018, as well as in the expansion of the transpacific transport route between North America and Asia. GW’s headcount rose by 6% to 7,112 employees. (mw)




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