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Lemon Queens and Kings freshen up (air) freight business

Royalty has returned to Paris. The agency Lemon Queen is the creation of Audrey Serdjebi, a well-known name in the air freight business. With eight years of industry experience under her belt, working to boost the reputation of the ECS Group and of its clients, the GSSA's former chief communications & marketing officer has decided to set up her own business.


With the appointment of van de Weg and the incorporation of Wexco into the ECS Group her former employer has already hit the headlines twice. The agency's aim is to offer high-quality services to airlines, companies and air freight stakeholders. Lemon Queen's key added value is organising challenges such as NexGenLeaders, a perfect way for a company to stand out, to get its employees on board and to showcase its values. (ah)


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