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Light air vehicles for Thyssenkrupp's daily business

Only a few weeks after its first official demonstration flight on 21 May 2019, a drone designed by doks.innovation is ready to make Thyssenkrupp's shipment of laboratory samples faster and safer while also reducing traffic on the plant premises. The autonomous drone "delivAIRy", which measures 1.20 m across and can carry a payload of 4.5 kg, speeds off over the Duisburg site's steel mill (Germany) and just a few minutes later drops off its payload of laboratory samples safely and fully automatically.


Currently a Thyssenkrupp Steel employee picks up small samples of raw materials such as iron ore and coking coal from the raw materials processing unit at the plant’s Schwelgern port twice a day and drives them by car to the company’s central laboratory facilities.


Random samples of these starting materials are examined in the lab to check their quality for steel production. The route to the lab involves driving over several unprotected rail crossings – a time consuming, expensive and risky process. (ah)




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