• V. l.: Cristina Redondo Pumar, Tobias Schulte, Iván Fernández Rodríguez, Monika Wagner, Enrique Quirós Hoppe and Katarzyna Quirós Hoppe. Photo: LIS


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LIS opens subsidiary in Spain

The German software manufacturer LIS will continue its expansion strategy and open a new subsidiary in Spain. Based in O Barco in Galicia, a team of six employees will serve new customers from Spain and Portugal.


After launches in the Netherlands, Poland and France, the subsidiary in north-western Spain marks the company’s fourth venture into a foreign market.


Thanks to its employees’ fluency in Spanish, German and English, LIS has the capacity to carry out cross-border projects, with regular customers from Germany or France, for instance. Enrique Quirós Hoppe, a Spaniard with German roots, will head the new office. (mw)




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