• From left: Frank Huster, Axel Plaß, Jochen Quick, Dr. Steffen Meyer, Prof. Dr. Dirk Engelhardt, Markus Olligschläger, Jens Pawlowski. Photo: BGL-EV


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Logisticians meet German chancellor

Germany’s current political framework is slowing down the decarbonisation of road haulage services and thus making it more difficult for the logistics sector to achieve its climate targets.


During a meeting with chancellor Olaf Scholz yesterday, 27 May 2024, representatives of the three industry associations BGL, BWVL and DSLV called for urgent corrections and more market economy.


Their demands included a reform of fuel taxation, the reinvestment of CO2-based truck toll revenues into the green transformation of road haulage, a rapid expansion of the infrastructure for charging electricity-based trucks, and a subsidy for the purchase of electric and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles based on the size of the company. (ben)





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