• f.l.: Uwe Lüders, chairman of LHG’s supervisory board; Bernd Saxe, mayor of Lubeck; Joanna Glogau, Lubeck’s construction senator; Sebastian Jürgens, LHG; Knut Hansen, Stora Enso Logistics.


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Major client anchors in Lubeck

Stora Enso Logistics, a subsidiary of the Finnish/Swedish paper, packaging and forest products corporation Stora Enso, has inked a new agreement with the German port operator, Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG). The contract goes into effect in 2019 and will initially run for five years.


Stora Enso will be the first client to use the port’s new forest products terminal that will be built on the Skandinavienkai. Nearly 1 million t of Stora Enso goods passed over the Nordland quay in 2016. Thanks to new opportunities, more cargo can be stored on the Skandinavienkai.


The quay’s second building phase has started and will provide additional space for ro-ro handling, as well as the new forest products terminal. When that is finished, forest products that arrive by ship from Finland can be directly loaded onto trailer, which in turn, will be promptly transferred to the railway. At present, 53 trains per week are dispatched from Lubeck. (kd)




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