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Managing pallets more skilfully

In the forwarding world, euro pallets and crates are indispensable. They can be filled with goods, assembled into load units and then transported.


Companies are now able to ensure that they always have an empty euro pallet in the right place at the right time via the online platform “”, launched by the company Fiege relog. The platform can be used to plan and track the flow of load devices in real time.


Harry Matschulat, Fiege relog’s managing director, pointed out: “After deployment, an empty pallet does not go straight back to the consignor. That would be uneconomical and impractical. A charge is levied for the pallets, or they are exchanged – and here their quality plays a role.”


Matschulat added that the constant availability of pallet data is of great added value for his clients: “We are able to inform them about the current stocks of material handling equipment and issue warnings if there is a shortage looming in a branch office.” (mw)




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