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MIA wins five Naco awards

Miami International Airport, which is operated by Miami-Dade County’s aviation department, is the recipient of five 2019 national association of counties (Naco) achievement awards.


As home to the first biometrics-only passport screening facility in the U.S., MIA was awarded a prize in the transportation category. MIA’s partnership with the Brazilian post office to expedite e-commerce shipments between Brazil and Miami-Dade County earned an award in the community and economic development category.


Unveiled on 15 September 2018, in celebration of MIA’s 90th anniversary, Miami International Airport’s “A Hub for History exhibition” received an award in the arts, culture and historic preservation category. The airport’s MIAair programme, which was honoured in the categories human services and children and youth, provides rehearsal tours and materials to families with special-needs children. (mw)




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