• The "Cruise Smeralda" adds 2,000 linear metres of rolling freight to the connection.


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More capacity between Central Italy and Sicily

By adding another vessel, the Italian Grimaldi Group enhances its freight and passenger transport connections between Central Italy and Sicily. Effective now, this additional ro-pax ship between the ports of Livorno and Palermo doubles the frequency of departures, thus guaranteeing a daily service.


The new vessel deployed on the route will be the ro/pax "Cruise Smeralda", which can carry 2,000 linear metres of rolling freight (vans, trucks, trailers, special vehicles), amongst others. The unit will join the currently deployed ro/pax "Zeus Palace", whose loading capacity is also 2,000 linear metres.


Departures from both the Tuscan and Sicilian ports will take place in the late evening, while the arrival at the port of destination is scheduled for the afternoon of the following day. (mw)




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