• CGSA general manager José Antonio Contreras (l.) with Guayas Governor Luis Chonillo (c.). (Foto: ICTSI)


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More investments in Guayaquil Port Contecon

In Ecuador, Contecon Guayaquil (CGSA), the International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI) subsidiary in Ecuador, has signed an investment contract with the Ecuadorian state to further strengthen and develop the Port of Guayaquil.


CGSA is investing USD 18 million to raise the port’s capacity to handle neopanamax vessels – to be carried out in three stages. Stage one will raise the height of quay cranes 5 and 6 from 42 m to 52 m, and extend their boom lengths from 50 m to 56 m (20 rows).


The second stage involves works to reinforce the docks, while stage three will further deepen Pier 1’s draft to 13.5 m. CGSA, which has been operating at the Port of Guayaquil since 2007 under a 20-year concession, started servicing neopanamax vessels in 2019. (cd)




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