• From left: Alexander Doll (DB), Sinan Sen (DB Cargo) and Gerhard Schulz (BMVI). Photo: DB


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More than 50,000 quiet wagons on Germany’s rail network

There are an increasing number of “quiet” freight wagons are Germany’s rail network. In Cologne, DB Cargo has just equipped its 50,500 freight car with noise-reducing LL composite soles. This means that around 80% of the German railfreight operator’s wagons now have so-called whisper brakes.


Such brakes abrade the wagon’s wheels much less than conventional grey cast-iron soles. When in use, whisper brakes reduce noise emissions by 10 decibels, which human ears perceive as being half as loud.


All of DB Cargo’s around 63,000 wagons that are deployed in Germany will be fitted with whisper brakes by 2020. (ben)




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