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Mory Ducros facing bankruptcy in France

Mory Ducros, the second largest French transport firm with 5,000 employees, reported that it was insolvent and applied to go into receivership on 22 November. It is one of the biggest bankruptcies in France since the household equipment manufacturer Moulinex, with its 5,500-strong workforce, went into liquidation in 2001.

The French union CFDT predicts that 2,000 to 3,000 jobs could be lost and that a social plan must be prepared. Mory Ducros has so far refused to disclose any figures and is counting on restructuring with help from investors. The transport provider said that it has more than 4,500 vehicles and 85 branch offices in France that offer pan-European delivery services for standard palletized goods through to special products such as pharmaceuticals.

Mory Ducros evolved at the end of 2012 from the merger of the French general cargo service provider Mory and the firm Ducros, which once belonged to DHL.



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