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Most successful cargo year at Luxembourg airport

Luxembourg airport had its most successful year yet for cargo in 2017, as 938,000 t of airfreight passed through the facility. It took the airport ten years to break the record of 2007 when 896,000 t were handled. The 2008 financial crisis caused cargo volumes to shrink significantly, and continuous growth figures only began to appear in 2013. The strong 2017 results are due to the swiftly rising worldwide demand for air cargo services.


In order to cope with ever more cargo business, Luxembourg airport started a EUR 40 million project to extend its cargo apron in early 2017. This will increase the apron's total capacity from eight to twelve parking positions, all capable of accommodating Boeing B747-8F aircraft. The first two positions will be operational in September, the last two positions at the end of October this year. (ah)


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