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MOU to solve safety issues

Representatives of Cargo Incident Notification System (Cins), Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme (Chirp), Container Owners Association (COA), International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (Ichca), and Ship Message Design Group (Smdg) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 16 March 2023, outlining their shared visions for the safety and security of global trade.


The organisations want to “coordinate data, research and best practices across the broad spectrum of the international movement of cargo,” explained John Beckett, chair of Ichca. The MOU is intended to have an impact on an international but also regional scale.


Together, the signatories will initiate innovative worldwide surveys and studies, as well as “publishing guidance on the treatment of lithium-ion batteries, among other cargoes, in the near future,” added Dirk Van de Velde, deputy chair of Cins. (lh)




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