• Photo: SBB Cargo


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Multi-voltage installation for locomotive workshop

In Muttenz (Switzerland), SBB Cargo has put a new multi-voltage installation into operation. It enables to check the efficiency of state-of-the-art multi-voltage locomotives using their accustomed power supply system directly in the hall.


European railway systems are powered by direct current or alternating current and also differ according to frequency and voltage. Now, the workshop in Muttenz can for example also service Italian locomotives that run on direct current and an electric voltage of 3 kV.


In future, the workshop will also be able to review French and Eastern European engines with 25 kV and 50 hertz. The new installation is another step towards interoperability, for only a few workshops in Europe can offer the means to test locomotives for so many different railway systems, SBB Cargo says. (ben)




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