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New freighter accident and revelations about Embraer crash

Further to the Aviation Safety Network, the captain of LAM flight 470 that crashed in Namibia on 29 November 2013 (see ITJ Daily of 3 December 2013) deliberately caused the accident. Preliminary investigation results indicate that the sudden descent of LAM flight TM-470 from Maputo (Mozambique) to Luanda (Angola) was manually caused by the captain. All 33 people on board were killed when the Brazilian-built aircraft hit the ground in the Bwabwata National Park.

Meanwhile, another airplane accident implicating a cargo aircraft has been reported. Further to the same sources, an Antonov AN-12 cargo carrier crashed into a military storage unit near the railway station of Batareynaya, while approaching the airport of Irkutsk (Russia) on 26 December 2013. All six crew members and three technicians suffered fatal injuries. The airplane was carrying 1.5 t of spare parts for the Irkutsk aircraft factory located at the destination airport.


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