• ADV administrative board f. l.: M. Fraas, H-G. Reichhart, S. Schulte, R. Beisel and T. Schnalke. Photo: ADV


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New heads for airports association ADV

During its annual meeting, the airports association ADV held the regular election of its administrative board for a next three years’ mandate. The ADV statues stipulate that the administrative board is the association’s highest decision-making body.


Hans Georg Reichhart, Bavaria’s state minister for housing, building and transport, was elected to lead the administrative board. The new chairman said: “I’m looking forward to an active and committed dialogue between administrations, representatives of the German federal states and the airports. Together we will work towards improving the conditions to confirm Germany as an economic and sustainable location for airports and the aviation industry.”


Michael Fraas, minister for economic affairs of the town of Nuremberg, was again appointed vice chairman. (mw)




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