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New joint shuttle service

Rail operators Hupac in Switzerland and T3M in France have formed a partnership to launch a joint intermodal service between Italy and France.


As from 18 January 2021, T3M shuttles will link Paris with Novara in the Milan region, and Hupac shuttles will run between Novara and Pescara (Manopello) and Bari in southern Italy. The CIM terminal in Novara will serve as a linking platform for the trains.


With the new intermodal product, T3M and Hupac intend to provide a reliable and regular rail service over a distance of 1,700 km between France and Italy, the companies said.


Hupac operates 150 trains per day, transporting cargo between economic centres in Europe and hubs in Russia and the Far East. T3M runs 20 daily connections between France and Italy. (ben)




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