• Bettina Wietzel-Skakowski. Photo: Astre


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New network manager for Astre

Bettina Wietzel-Skakowski has assumed the newly created position of international network manager for the logistics network Astre. At the same time, she has joined the team of the country branch Astre Dach in Germany.


In her dual function, Wietzel-Skakowski will further the company's development in Germany and help improve the coordination of the company's activities in its various country branches. In her previous roles, she gained experience in logistics and industry and with financial services providers. For instance, she chaired the board at Cargo Trans Logistik CTL for several years.


Wietzel-Skakowski outlines her goals as follows: "Astre offers a network in France and across Europe that is unique of its kind. We want to further grow this footprint and welcome new members to our network. The acquisition of new members in Germany is one of our top priorities." (mw)




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