• Gebrüder Weiss is intensifying its partnership with Heppner.

29.03.2019 By: Marco Wölfli

Artikel Nummer: 26972

New partner for Heppner

Heppner has transferred a cooperation agreement for sea and air freight transport services from Hellmann Worldwide ­Logistics to Gebrüder Weiss. The new deal is set to be implemented by the end of 2019.



The two medium-sized forwarding enter­prises Heppner and Gebrüder Weiss have already cooperated in overland services since 1985. Now the French and the ­Austrian companies have extended their partnership to the air and sea freight segments too. Up until now Heppner had collaborated with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in this segment. Thus the former cooperation agreement, in place for 20 years, has now been consigned to history.


“An exclusive partnership with a glo­bal network operator such as Hellmann came to its limits in the light of Heppner’s future development,” was how Valentin Jung, the director of Heppner’s overseas activities, explained the move.



Improving its regional presence

The overarching aim of the new partnership between the Heppner group and Gebrü­der Weiss is to offer customers a combination of air and sea freight transport solutions with a global coverage. Heppner has a network of eleven locations in France and recently expanded its presence in Germany too. One of the measures saw it take over Hamacher Logistik. The company is also active in Spain and the Netherlands.


Gebrüder Weiss, in turn, has a significantly stronger international presence, ope- rating 150 branch offices in 30 countries – with Heppner now also set to benefit from this extensive coverage. The French ­partner wants to raise its profile in Western ­Europe and Africa. In terms of volumes, Heppner still has some potential in the air and sea freight sector. The forwarder transports around 25,000 containers by sea and 15,000 t by air. Its new partner handles four times these volumes.