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New trio on the Rhine

Representatives from the companies H&S Container Line, Danser Containerline and Ultra-Brag have set up an agreement covering a new transport pooling entity on the Upper Rhine. The transport alliance is expected to start waterborne operations from the inland ports of Basel (Switzerland), Weil and Kehl (both Germany), Ottmarsheim, Neubreisach and Strasbourg (all France) to the seaports of Antwerp (Belgium) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) on 1 July.


In addition, a rail link will be established to connect Kehl and Strasbourg with the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge (Belgium), according to Heiko Brückner, managing director of H&S Container Line, and Ben Maelissa, MD Danser Containerline. By optimising the shipping system, the new transport pooling entity’s fleet will reduce CO2 emissions and make a contribution to protecting the environment.


Duisburg (Germany)-based H&S Container Line has been an independent company since 2006 and operates a fleet of 12 barges on three routes on inland waterways. The Dutch enterprise Danser Containerline has been providing container shipping services on the Upper Rhine since 1982. Its fleet includes four own tug barge systems.


Basel (Switzerland)-based Ultra-Brag’s core business encompasses transport, goods handling, storage, distribution and packing. The locations in Basel’s Rhine ports provide direct connections to Europe’s most important transport routes.


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