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On infrastructure in Wilhelmshaven

In the port of Wilhelmshaven, Germany, state-owned port company Niedersachsen Ports is planning to spend EUR 8.9 million on refurbishing port infrastructure, significantly more than the EUR 3.9 million earmarked for the construction of new facilities in the state-owned areas of the port.


"Modern methods help us to extend the life cycle of quay and handling facilities by at least one generation," explains Holger Banik, who is also managing director of JadeWeserPort Realisierungs GmbH.


The refurbishment of the Niedersachsen Bridge is also in focus, as is the Vosslapper Groden (UVG) transhipment facility.


The repair of the Helgoland quay and the rehabilitation of the Wangeroog quay are still on the agenda. This port area is expected to be available for shipping traffic again by the end of the year. (cd)




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