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Once again - good news on two fronts

Qatar Airways has renewed its sponsorship as official airline partner to the British organisation of Orbis, a global charity that fights avoidable blindness through access to quality eye care, for a further three years. The airline has been a  supporter of Orbis since 2012.



Orbis's pioneering Flying Eye Hospital, the world’s only accredited eye hospital with wings, spearheads the charity’s global efforts to transform lives.



In other news, Lufthansa, which wanted to end its commitment to its company symbol, the crane, after 26 years, is reconsidering its decision. The idea of dispensing with the iconic symbol resulted in major financial problems for Germany’s crane protection society (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kranichschutz Deutschland/see ITJ 41-42/2017, p. 53).


The about-face is probably due to the shitstorm that was triggered by Lufthansa staff and others, as well as by the excellent consolidated results after the German airline acquired large parts of Air Berlin. (ah)


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