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‘One record’ trial for the UK industry

While the air cargo world continues to focus on recovering from Covid-19 and the UK prepares for Brexit, London Heathrow Airport’s air cargo community has completed its first trial of Iata's ‘One record’ technologies.

Working on behalf of CCS UK, the operator of the UK’s air cargo community system, US application development and data management specialist Nexshore built a dedicated server based in the UK, to control the storage and transmission of the data, which aims to replace the Imp and XML standards.

The Heathrow project – led by community provider CCS UK and its user group – involved forwarder Geodis and Cathay Pacific Cargo, and their respective IT systems providers WiseTech Global and GLS. During the pilot, AWB data was successfully exchanged between the parties and status updates provided.

Anyone wishing to join the extended trial should contact (ah)


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