• Port rotation of the NEX service (Photo: ONE).


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ONE's two new services

The Singapore-headquartered Ocean Network Express (ONE) has launched two new direct services from North Europe to the East Med-Levant and Marmara regions.


The services, the North Europe East Mediterranean Express (NEX) and the North Europe Turkey Express (NTX), will be the first direct services between the two regions in ONE’s network.


The inaugural services will also be calling at Moroccan and Spanish transhipment hubs, Tangier and Algeciras. The ports of call for NEX will be: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Le Havre – Tangier – Malta – Alexandria (Dekheila) – Damietta – Beirut – Mersin – Iskenderun – Algeciras – Southampton.


Port rotation of NTX will be: Southampton – Rotterdam – Hamburg – Antwerp – Malta – Gebze – Istanbul (Ambarli) – Gemlik – Aliaga – Tangier – Southampton. The first sailings of NEX service will be arriving at Southampton on 15 January, of NTX service arriving Southampton on 17 January. (cd)




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