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ONE to certify land operations

Following Ocean Network Express’ (ONE) ISO 14001 certification in marine operations in 2018, the company’s affiliates in Europe and Africa plan to obtain the same accreditation but this time enhancing their environmental performance of landside operations as well.


The ISO 14001 certification is a recognised credential which demonstrates that an organisation has adopted an approved environmental management system (EMS) to control its environmental impact and enhance sustainability throughout the supply chain. T


his includes not only having systems in place internally but also evaluating all suppliers working with ONE to try to ensure the whole supply chain is green.


Europe and Africa is a region which has a very high level of carrier haulage and the ISO 14001 certification in landside operations will complement the robust environmental standards that the company already adheres to. The plan is to reach full ISO certification of landside operations by December 2021. (cd)




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